Rauw Alejandro’s ‘TRAP CAKE VOL. 2’ Album Review Track by Track

It’s been three years since the release of Rauw Alejandro‘s Trap Cake Vol. 1, but he’s back and making noise louder than ever with his latest Trap Cake Vol. 2. The project features some of music’s hottest talent from Shenseea, Future, Ty Dolla $ign, Rvssian and Carbon Fiber Music’s Ankhal.

Which track is your favorite from the project?

Take a look below at the music living rent free in our head.

Produced by El Zorro, Kenobi Sensei, Eydren,  Mr. Naisgai
Written by Rauw Alejandro
Reviewed by Alex Quin.

This lovey-dovey song starts off the Trap Cake Volume 2 album. In this song Rauw is singing to a potential lover or love interest. He talks about how much he desires her. The word “Museo” means Museum. In this case he’s referring to his lover’s private parts as a museum to him. A museum he wants to continue to explore. He talks about praying to God that he protects her in anything she decides to do. Rauw continues to talk about his memories of him and his lover making love in different cities and places around the world.

Produced by El Zorro, Rvssian
Written by Rauw Alejandro, Andrew Green, Jorge A. Diaz Rodriguez, Lance
Eric Shipp, Nathalia Marshall “Lionchild”. Rachael Kennedy, ROSALIA, Rvssian.
Reviewed by Alex Quin.

As of now Caprichoso is the most streamed song on this album by a
long shot. In this song Rauw talks about another love interest or
perhaps the same one he’s been talking about on the album so far. He
says he doesn’t want her to leave his house but he also doesn’t want
anything serious. He tells us how there’s nothing between them but he
seems to be addicted to her. This song shows how much he’s interested in
her but he fears commitment and doesn’t even understand his own

At one point in the song he mentions how she is art like the popular
“KAWS” art pieces popularly seen on social media. He’s saying he doesn’t
want commitment and that he’s not the jealous type but he doesn’t want
to share her.

Produced by Mr. NaisGai, El Zorro, and Caleb Calloway
Written by Rauw Alejandrom, Rvssian, Alvarito Díaz, and Drew
Reviewed by Gigi Rivera.

This song is perfect for date night. It’s sexy, it’s risque, and it’s spicy! As soon as the song starts you immediately feel some sort of sensuality due to the beat. And the lyrics just add the cherry on top. Featuring Shensea on the track was the perfect touch since her voice is so unique. The song is to be dedicated to your special someone.

Produced by: Rvssian
Written by: Rauw Alejandro, Future, Lionchild, Drew, Alvarito Díaz, King Kosa, Oswaldo
Reviewed by Michelle Chia.

The newest bop of the year “FCK U X2” is perfect to listen to when cruising in your car with the windows down. As one of the only Latin songs to feature Hip-Hop artist Future, this is a legendary collaboration that mixes both up-beat reggaeton and spooky hip-hop beats. Produced by Jamaican producer Rvssian, “FCK U X2” is a definite banger for your next gym or party playlist.


Produced by OG Parker
Written by Rauw Alejandro, Ty Dolla $ign
Reviewed by Gigi Rivera.

This song feels like it has multiple personalities because of the various spontaneous beats. Each beat makes you feel sooo good! Ty Dolla Sign’s verse was like nothing he’s done before. It was great hearing him speak some spanish. This is definitely a track that you pregame to; just make sure not to take too many shots while singing and dancing!

Produced by Rauw Alejandro, Kenobi Sensei, Mr. Naisgai, Caleb Calloway
Written by Rauw Alejandro, Caleb Calloway, Ankhal
Reviewed by Gigi Rivera.

When hearing this song prepare to feel happy, electric, and in a great mood! It’s upbeat and super Miami vibes. Think poolside, mojito in hand, and amazing weather. The song features Carbon Fiber Music’s artist Ankhal, who added his personal touch with his verse. ‘Wuepa’ could easily become a summer anthem for the ladies!

Produced by: El Zorro Mr. Naisgai
Written by: Rauw Alejandro, Alvarito Díaz, Yen San Juan
Reviewed by Michelle Chia.

Rauw Alejandro’s latest single “GRACIAS POR NADA” premiered on February 24 along with a full music video and has already collected over 8.5M views on Youtube so far. The song tells a powerful story of betrayal, karma, and moving on.

Written by Rauw Alejandro, Alvarito Diaz, and Yen San Juan, “GRACIAS POR NADA” is an essential on anyone’s heartbreak playlist. With lyrics like “Fuck el amor, puesto pa’ los billete” and “Ahora paseo con una más dura pa’ que me veas”, this song will have anyone feeling self-empowered to the MAX.

Produced by: Caleb Calloway
Written by: Rauw Alejandro, Alvarito Díaz y Yoshi
Reviewed by Michelle Chia.

Produced by Puerto Rico’s Caleb Calloway, “GTR” is made for nights dedicated to you and your squad. You’ll find yourself bumping to lyrics like “Shorty, no me llames, estoy pidiéndome otro trago” and “Diablo, qué nota ayer, no me acuerdo quién es”. That’s why TRAP CAKE VOL. 2’s “GTR” is the ideal track for parties where the drinks are flowing and the people are dancing non-stop.

Produced by El Zorro, Kenobi Sensei,  Mr. Naisgai
Written by Rauw Alejandro.
Reviewed by Alex Quin.

This song helps us get an inside look at how Rauw currently feels at this stage in his career. This song gives off a strong feeling of confidence on Rauw’s part. He tells us how much people envy him and his success . The song feels like he is really feeling himself and is over all the drama and hate that can come your way when you are a public figure.  At one point Rauw also gives a shout out to the late Virgil Abloh after saying he was rocking a Louis Vuitton set.  He says he will not stop going hard in the music game until the city of Carolina in Puerto Rico has a statue of him.

Photography by Matthew Felix. www.photosbymf.com
Photography by Matthew Felix. www.photosbymf.com

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