Perez Hilton Under Fire for Instagram Post

Perez Hilton is under fire today for a simple Instagram post. The post is causing some unnecessary and undeserved negative criticism towards Perez’ intentions as a father.

Perez posted a picture of himself and his two year old son, Mario, having a blast at bath time. To staff here at Contrast Magazine, the photo represents a loving father spending precious quality time with his son. To the polluted eyes of some others, the photo represents something far more nefarious.

To add further fuel to the needless wildfire of hate, ABC’s The View hosts, decided to throw their two cents in on the matter. Michelle Collins was heard saying “It’s very thirsty.” Excuse us Michelle, but when did being a proud and loving parent become “thirsty?” The hosts carry on to say things such as “… well don’t post them.” So people are now expected to hide their love for their kids because a few bad apples have to ruin the whole tree? Are they telling us we have to bow down to the bully because it’s easier? Are they saying that parents these days don’t have a right to post pictures of themselves and their children because someone might have a negative opinion?

Perez is a proud father and he proves this to be true time and time again. Look for Contrast Magazine’s October Edition which includes an interview with Perez himself! Perez was definitely a pleasure to work with and we hope to see many more great things from him! From all of us at Contrast Magazine, be strikingly different!


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