OMG vs. Havana: Which Camila Cabello track is better?

Camila Cabello is absolutely KILLING it!

Camila just released “OMG” and “Havana” and we are just in ah. She has done pretty great with her solo career so far and it’s only going to keep getting better.

However, with her first two, solo singles, one has to be better than the other. That’s just how it goes, right? So, which one is better? Clearly, they are both very well written and produced, but going by a Twitter poll we did–there’s only one winner. Take your pick before the poll closes!

Also, Camila has a new album just around the corner. So hopefully all the tracks are this great. Like we stated before, she is KILLING it! Camila has shown us that a solo career won’t end her success. Great work Camila!

What track or feature from Camila is your favorite so far? We want to know. Comment below or get social with us on Twitter, @ContrastMagNY!

Nicholas Liddle is a contributor to many sites. Studying Mass Communications at SNHU, he'll also be minoring in journalism.