Olivia Ormos Shares How She Turned An Idea Into A Reality with Model Volleyball and Is Taking OO & CO Into The Future

Behind every creative, there’s a story. That’s what makes our art so special. We add a personal touch to what we’re making and it can take us anywhere. The definition of “art” is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.” So who says marketing isn’t a form of art? Olivia Ormos knows this all too well, and she is always in search of ways to push her full-service marketing company OO & CO just a little bit further into the future.

Her parents met in Acapulco, Mexico however, they later made their way to Toronto, Canada where they gave birth to their daughter Olivia. They lived there for a few years and when Olivia turned three, her mother grew tired of the cold. So they packed their bags and moved to Miami where it was much warmer and that’s where Olivia has been ever since.

She later graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Florida with a degree in Public Relations and Sports Management. Spending summers and breaks eager to learn and network, she had superior internships in NYC and jobs across the US that lead her to becoming a young entrepreneur starting her businesses at just 24 years old.

She then combined that fresh knowledge with her passion for sports and created the globally recognized Model Volleyball. Since launching in 2010, Model Volleyball has surpassed 20,000 attendees, over 300 participating models & over 500 million media impressions per tournament, and has received support from Bang, GQ, Daily Mail, iHeartMedia, Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast with Alex Quin, Snapchat, Maxim, Rolling Stone, Shape Magazine and more.

Olivia connected with some friends who would end up becoming the owners of the legendary Miami Beach nightclub B.E.D. where she was introduced to the likes of Tommy Lee, Ja Rule, Rick Ross, Flo Rida, Deadmau5 and so many more. “That is where I built my Miami legs in the ground and roots here professionally. Nightlife runs the city in so many ways. I came in as the Director of Marketing for B.E.D., which was super exciting and my first official real job in Miami.”

 Since the very beginning, she’s been “moving forward.” That’s her philosophy. Growth and evolution are Olivia Ormos’ top priorities. “Aside from servicing clients, I like to make sure we are also disrupting the space with our own original concepts, and ideas and bringing those to life as marquee landmarks for the agency.”

Olivia also sits on the board of Miami-based AWOM Foundation and is currently a Forbes Councils Member as well as a contributor for the publication. She has affiliated herself with some of the world’s most valuable and impactful companies PrettyLittleThing, Puma, Keurig, Bang Energy, Farmasi, Inbound, Viber, Bing & more.

Watch the complete interview with Miami’s own Olivia Ormos and Contrast News here.

For more information on Olivia & her agency OO & CO please visit ooandco.com or follow along on socials: @ooandco and @oliviaormos.

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