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Non-Profit Organization, Angel Watch Over Me (AWOM), Is Aiming To Impact More Lives Through Its Fundraising Gala

Imagine a world where everyone can put food on their table and meet the basic needs essential for living because little or no poverty exists. A world where social and emotional development is actualized because we genuinely care for one another. This is the kind of utopia the Angel Watch Over Me (AWOM) Organization envisions and strives to make a reality.

AWOM is a non-profit organization committed to achieving community development and creating life-changing experiences for everyone. In 2013, AWOM founder, Sarah Akiba, established the organization in honor of her father, who lost his life to lung cancer. Since its inception, AWOM has conceived many schemes and programs that have brought new life to society

AWOM // World for the People // Contrast Magazine

AWOM // World for the People // Contrast Magazine


The NGO has also proved to be a safe space for young people in the community through its AWOM Girls and Boys Club curriculum, which has spread across the country. The scheme provides a support group for those who have lost their loved ones.


Every year, AWOM organizes a fundraising gala where proceeds from donations are used for community development projects. Recently, the NGO announced the return of its in-person fundraising gala scheduled to hold in November.

This year’s edition, themed “AWOM World: for the people“, will welcome people from all walks of life who are passionate about making an impact in society. All funds from the ticket sales will be used to feed 400 families in the Miami community. And according to founder Sarah, the AWOM Gala represents everything that the foundation stands for, that is, bringing the community together to have fun, celebrate life, and make a lasting impact while doing so.

AWOM // World for the People // Contrast Magazine

AWOM // World for the People // Contrast Magazine


Founder, Sarah Akiba, is very delighted to organize the fundraising event once again. “After a year of solidarity I am beyond thrilled that we can host this special event again this year and bring the community back together,” She says.

AWOM’s gala chair, Olivia Ormos, has also expressed gratitude and commended the efforts of AWOM, saying, “The work AWOM does for our community is what really matters and what keeps us all so grounded. As gala chair for the past 3 years, it has been an honour working alongside founder Sarah Akiba to raise funds for her programs that are changing lives every single day.” 

AWOM // World for the People // Contrast Magazine

AWOM // World for the People // Contrast Magazine


The AWOM Foundation Fundraising Gala will be held on November 20, 2021, from 8 pm to 12 am (Eastern Time) at Nimu Lounge (1100 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 33132). The Tickets sales start from $100 and include an open bar, cuisine, silent auction, all-night entertainment, special guests, and other fun activities. 


This program adequately portrays AWOM’s vision and has received numerous support over the years.

For more information or to purchase a ticket please visit or


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