Mowing Down Vamps: J Young MDK Joins Jamie Foxx’s BSB Boys for Netflix’s “Day Shift” Soundtrack

“Bud (Mowing Down Vamps)” is the latest electrifying hit that J Young MDK has put out. The track is a feature on the soundtrack of the hit Netflix movie “Day Shift.” The film stars Foxx and follows him as he cleans pools and the streets of the San Fernando Valley as an expert vampire hunter. Viewers have been at the edge of their seats watching each vamp meet their end, and the booming soundtrack has transported them right beside him. Sorry Dave Franco, it looks like Foxx has a new partner in crime in J Young MDK.

The rapper has risen up out of the skyscraping trees of Atlanta to pursue a career in music. He has created magical albums that have touched his followers, including “Black,” “Aqua,” and “White.” MDK made history when he released the latter two on the same day in different genres! He has shown he can bounce from genre to genre and remain a success in each one. Hip-hop being his first love, he had the chance to show audiences the MDK experience when he joined Latto on her nationwide tour, “Monster Outbreak Presents: Latto 777 Tour.”

Dave Franco
Jamie Foxx

J Young MDK is a talented rapper and singer but also a fresh face on the red carpet. He has enjoyed working on films “The App That Stole Christmas” and “Feds Did A Sweep.” However, he had his movie star moment when he starred in “Mixed Girl,” a film that depicts the struggles of a man who learns he has a teen daughter and has to find a way to become a father overnight. J Young MDK truly shone in his role and looks forward to the future.

J Young MDK walked the red carpet of “Day Shift” premiers” in Los Angeles and Atlanta. He was alongside his friend and mentor, Jamie Foxx, who asked him to accompany him to the film. They have been seen on social media as frequent socializers, and their collaboration on this project only solidifies the notion. A music video to “Bud (Mowing Down Vamps) will be released soon, highlighting both J Young MDK and Foxx. Stay updated via Instagram on @jyoungmdk.


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