Meet Vicky Curiel, The Manager Behind The World’s First Latina Girl Group And Next Female BTS, Bella Dose.

It is not an industry secret anymore that Latin music is one of the most profitable, and opportunity-filled areas. Since ‘Despacito’ from Luis Fonsi, people became widely enamored with the quality of this – up until then unexplored genre. Now with doors wide open Latin music has been gaining ground and recognition from critics and the market alike. This recognition ultimately culminated in J Balvin’s and Bad Bunny’s victory at the GRAMMYs. Even with the controversy surrounding the GRAMMYs, the artists made sure to make a statement for the genre.

Currently, the industry is experiencing a consumption shift, younger listeners now spend twenty percent of their time listening to music in languages different from their native ones. Add to that the fact that Latin Music has steadily shown growth in the last six years, and significant growth. For instance, it has had double-digit growth in the last couple of years, and in 2021 revenues from the genre have grown 37%. This evolution by itself is impressive, but it becomes even more so when we take into account that the genre is outgrowing and outpacing other areas of the industry.

Through hard work and perseverance, Latin music not only found a great portion of the industry to call its own, but it also greatly influenced music as we know it. Globalization has provided amazing songs, and K-POP even brought back the resurgence of girl and boy groups. Thankfully, all those exchanges and scenarios created amazing opportunities and promising projects. However, when an opportunity arises it must be noticed and seized and that is exactly what Vicky Curiel did.

Vicky Curiel is an entrepreneur, talent manager, producer and the founder of International Hub Records. As a businesswoman, she found success in various industries, but her heart resides in the music industry, manages and developing artists such as international super star DaniLeigh, Brandon Bill$ and the world’s first Latinx girl group, Bella Dose. From her early years working at MTV Latino as a music curator, it was clear that she had a gift for spotting talent and understanding the public’s wants and needs. Her vision for International Hub Records is clear – to discover, develop and empower artists to become global icons.

In 2017, Vicky Curiel was holding auditions across the United States in search of talent to manifest  her vision of the first bilingual Latina girl group. As fate would have it, in Miami she would find Melany Rivera, Brianna Leah, Jenni Hernandez, Thais Rodriguez. Vicky’s work was just beginning, but she knew she had found something special – and so Bella Dose was born.

Bella Dose was created, and in the spirit of empowering artists, their label taught them how to play instruments, and even sound engineering so the girls could truly create their own sound. And it paid off, with a single album released Bella Dose took over TikTok, amassing over one billion views – with a b – with their song “Si Me Llamas.” which isn’t even a single. The girl group found success by covering other songs while infusing them with awe-inspiring harmonies. But the success that followed came through their originality and unapologetic pursuit of breaking the mold.

The industry was quick to notice the impact the girl group was having. Aside from the large number of Latin influencers praising them on social media, their presence was also recognized by Netflix. From there it didn’t take long for the people to start drawing comparisons between them and Fifth Harmony, and BLACKPINK. But, the highest praise might come through the fact they’ve been deemed the next female BTS.

Bella Dose is the first of its kind, which means they have the ability to create something truly unique. By being the first bilingual Latin group, their reach extends not only to English listeners but to Spanish music listeners. Their biggest strength, however, might be the fact that they can proudly represent thousands of listeners like them, born in diverse cultural backgrounds. Bella Dose would bring a dose of beauty to the world.

Courtesy of Vicky Curiel/IHUB Records

Eager to represent their origins, and unafraid to lean into their cultural heritage Bella Dose is creating truly original music. Amongst their inspirations are artists such as The Beatles, Queen, The Pussycat Dolls, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, and of course Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. With such a rich cultural background and influences, it comes as no surprise that Bella Dose is able to – as the group itself states – “think outside of the box.”

Perhaps what is most impressive is the fact that amidst four different girls, countless genres, and two languages they are still able to tell relatable stories. Recording songs in Spanish and English is not enough to connect with both markets, but stories of empowerment, self-love, and establishing limits for ex-lovers is. Those emotive topics are even more powerful when told over the bachata, Dembow, trap, and pop beats.

The girl group has a promising feature under Vicky’s guidance. As clearly her hardworking, DIY, and empowerment virtues seem to shine through Bella Dose’s work. As of now, the different personalities involved in the projects harmonize perfectly and deliver a song for every mood. With a touch of viral success, a large following, and a booming industry this refreshing act is something to keep track of.

As we wait for the next steps of the future looks promising for Bella Dose. As they aim for bigger projects, and diligently craft new music and content, fans can expect more personality and uplifting storytelling. At the pace they have been working, their dream collaborations with Ariana Grande, Bad Bunny, Rosalia, and Daddy Yankee might not be too far-fetched. It is also just a matter of time before we see them break into Billboard’s Top 100.

For you to enjoy, they have also set up a couple of special Christmas treats for the Holidays. You can check “Ex-Mas”, which is out now, or their latest single “SHE.” Here is where you can follow the girls amazing journey: Tik Tok, Instagram, Website, YouTube, Spotify.




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