Macklemore vs. MGK: Which has the better body of work?

Obviously in music, everyone is being compared to each other.

Its all a debate, all the time, who’s better. Seems like it’s never ending when it comes to rap and hip hop music. Am I right?

Example: Nicki Minaj vs. Iggy, Remy, any other female in the game. Do we really have to compare other tho? *thinks* However, the comparing will never end but clearly we know who’s better in these situations.

So, who is better? Macklemore or Machine Gun Kelly? Going to have to go with MGK on this one. Why? Well, Macklemore hasn’t put out anything lately that has gotten any attention.

MGK is currently killing it in the music industry and is only going to keep going up from here. Not only does he have collaborations like Camila Cabello & Hailee Steinfeld under his belt, but he’s also doing pretty d*** great with his solo projects.

Mackelmore has a few hits under his belt, but his other tracks haven’t done the best. Is he still putting out music? Wouldn’t know if it wasn’t doing well  sorry Mack.

We all have different opinions, but we’ll let the charts do the real talking and determine who’s the most successful.

Do you disagree with us when we say MGK is better is better than Macklemore? Let us know, tweet us @ContrastmagNY.

Nicholas Liddle is a contributor to many sites. Studying Mass Communications at SNHU, he'll also be minoring in journalism.