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Learn How LASH Is Bringing Latin-Based Music To The World!

Over the last few years, popular Dominican Producer and international DJ, Lash, has built an immense global following by producing music that crosses languages and borders.


Since coming into the music scene, Kelvin Christian Beato, best known as Lash, has accumulated over 100 Million streams across all streaming platforms. He has also carved out a special space for himself as a bilingual, Caribbean sound designer and electronic dance music (EDM) producer. 


Lash’s musical success has led to collaborations with prominent superstars like Charlie Puth, Selena Gomez, Jon Bellion, Kelly Clarkson,to name a few. Off the music studio, Lash has worked on great sound design projects with top commercial brands like Peugeot, LG, L’OREAL, and URBAN DECAY. Recently, he dropped a music project, Sensaciones. The track is embedded in romantically-rich guitars, sensual percussion loops, and tranquil synth tones, and it represents his diverse musical essence. 


Lash - Contrast Magazine

Lash “Quiero Mas” Cover – Contrast Magazine


Your first two singles are with Dominican talent. What inspires you to collaborate with artists from your home country? “Because I really never collaborated with other Dominican artists before I left the country and now I have a different perspective and skills set that I can use to create music with people from my hometown. Also want to incorporate my sound with DR artist’s because it defines where i come from and to uplift and make an impact in the worldwide perspective that people have on the DR” – Lash


Sensaciones features Puerto-Rican native De La Vega and Dominican producer-singer duo Martox and is a prequel to the various Latin-based projects the producer sets to drop this year. Producer Xerebrito had a vision to create something with Lash and co- producer Jose Andres. They got together for a writing session and Sensaciones came to life. Shortly after the track was sent to dominican duo Martox and everyone came together to make the single happen. 


“When Martox sent back the vocals we knew this collaboration was something special, Lash & I agreed to send to our friend De la Vega the record in hopes of getting a verse of him on the song, and he loved the idea and recorded very quickly, it was a great project to be a part of” – Xerebrito – Sensaciones Co-producer


The track has already begun to transcend borders, and it is poised to take over global music charts. With its upbeat tempo and Latin flair, Sensaciones will get your feet moving. When asked what makes Sensaciones exceptional, Lash responded,


“Sensaciones feels very romantic, lush, and sexy. People can easily dedicate the lyrics of the song to others by expressing their love and affection.” 


He further explained, “I’ve never released an alternative indie song with these sound combinations before, or in Spanish. So this will be a new expression of creativity.”


Lash & Valentina . Photo by Cristina Pimienta

Lash & Valentina . Photo by Cristina Pimienta


Sensaciones will usher in a new wave of Latin-based projects for Lash and expand the frontiers of Latin music. Currently, this project depicts strong sensations and sends a message of love. 


From the project’s artwork, created by Venezuelan-born graphic designer Blvcksus, you can visualize a representation of St. Valentine. The composition, which was beautifully written by two talented Dominican artists, Mediopicky and Carlos Zouain, lyrically encompasses the intense excitement of this track.


Lash is excited about the creative minds on his latest music project. He said, “It feels really cool to be able to do a project with mostly creatives & friends from your country even though you don’t live there. It’s a special project that happened magically and was made with love. Many people were involved in its creation.”


Those who have been following Lash will not be surprised by his creative style or Latin influence. He has been making music that breaks barriers and crosses borders for years. From his debut single in 2017, titled “I’m Gonna be There”, it was obvious that Lash would do numbers on all music charts. Mind you; this track garnered over 1.6 Million streams on Spotify.


Today, the prolific producer is working on a series of Latin-based projects that honor his culture and love for global music. With the release of Sensaciones, Lash is putting Latin-based projects on the map.


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