Hillary Duff Responds to Body Shamers

Female celebrities frequently struggle with the issue of body shaming, due to that fact that they are constantly in the spotlight and their every single move is being judged. Some celebrities who are victims of body shaming choose to respond to the hate, while others just ignore it.

Most recently, on Friday August 4th 2017 Hillary Duff took to Instagram to address an issue involving herself being body shamed and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

This summer while Duff was vacation with her son, paparazzi followed and photographed her on the beach. Despite the fact that she looks GORGEOUS, not everyone had such kind words. Duff responded by posting the photograph on Instagram with a caption saying “Since websites and magazines love to share ‘celeb flaws’ – well I have them!” and “Ladies, let’s be proud of what we’ve got and stop wasting precious time in the day wishing we were different, better, and unflawed.

Check out Duffs full Instagram post and our top five favorite celebrity responses to body shamers below.


Sydney Hajduk is a contributor to many sites and is also the Director of Social Media for Xtra Radio. She is also studying communications and journalism at the University of Rhode Island.


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