FURGOD Talks Taking On Cannabis Industry, Debut Album and More

Known by the name FURGOD, the high-end designer and rapper knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take on his goals head on.

The skilled storyteller, Luis Chavez, not only is a songwriter but he’s also a producer and engineer making him self sufficient and putting his college education from the Institute of Production and Recording to use.

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Not long after graduating, FURGOD transitioned into fashion and began creating custom real fur coats and hand-painted jackets under the name FURGOD. With this, he was able to fuse his passion for music and eye for fashion to release his debut album Trial & Error during spring 2021.

This album represents his life which has been like a trial and error experience. “My whole life has been trial and error, it’s always been like oh I have to try and see what happens, if it goes well great and if it doesn’t then okay keep moving on to the next one,” he said.

FURGOD is a triple threat as he not only has released music and fashion but also is taking on the cannabis industry with his CBDA brand 7INTI Energy.

Now that I am settled in Miami, focusing on my CBDa energy drink INTI, working on more music, and more designs. Also opening up a store and really setting a foundation to everything that I have done. Bringing things to a whole ‘nother level. That’s what’s next for me.

Take a look at the full interview below.

You went to school for music production and engineering. I’m sure that’s been extremely helpful with your own music, right? Yes, I am more prepared when I go in and put it all together from start to finish. It gives me a better sense and not depending on someone else.

What made you want to make the transition from designer to artist? I didn’t really make the transition, I think it was just there. I do both, so I wanted to showcase both so both have creativity from my mind. It is my way of releasing stress and I love creating. I just love making nothing into something, it’s the fun part. Design and music have always gone hand on hand and now I am able to do it in a bigger format. I love it, I love the transition. 

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Since making that crossover into fashion, in what ways have you “leveled up” overall? With anything, always having an idea there are always ups and downs no matter what but if you believe in it and you are really passionate, it is not going to get on the way, you’re just going to figure it out. Things happen to you in so many ways, so many people help you. All it takes is for someone to tell you ‘oh I know this guy who can…’ and it is what you do with that. Me leveling up is just me working hard, I have always dreamt big, but now I have actual products of myself that makes me able to showcase and people love. To me, that is leveling up.

Tell me about your debut album Trial & Error and the message behind this album? Trial & Error is something I thought of because it was my first album so I wanted to try it out. My whole life has been trial and error, it’s always been like oh I have to try and see what happens, if it goes well great and if it doesn’t then okay keep moving on to the next one. I am happy that I did my first debut album because I said I was going to do it and I did it. So far everything has been going well. It also comes down to so many people helping me and reaching that goal. It always takes a team to do that.

Tell me the legacy you want left behind for FURGOD. The legacy I want to leave behind is someone who really lived the life to the fullest, was never afraid to try something new, always pushing limits, and just being yourself. I want FURGOD to be referred to as doing all these different things, leading by action.

The definition of the word Contrast is ‘to be strikingly different.’ What makes you strikingly different? The different things I am taking on, the music, the fashion, CBDA products, and other things you will see in the future. Having fun, showcasing that. I try to not to follow the crowd too much, I lead by example as much as I can. Whatever crosses me I will make it happen.

Photographer: Raul Ospina
Sunglasses: TRADE
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