Exclusive: Natti Natasha Talks New Amazon Prime Series Falling in Love and What Makes Her Strikingly Different

Prime Video recently announced the upcoming Original series Everybody Loves Natti, a six-episode docuseries that follows Dominican reggaeton star Natti Natasha. The show premieres Friday November 19, 2021. It will debut in the U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Spanish-speaking countries and territories in Latin America, New Zealand, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, and United Arab Emirates, with a global release to follow.

Natti has accumulated billions of views on YouTube and tens of millions of followers across her public social media platforms. This Amazon Original reality series marks the first time she’s given us an inside glimpse at her personal life.

The all-access series gives us an inside look at how Natti navigates the Latin music scene. Featuring friends and collaborators who’ve shared with her in her journey. Names like Daddy Yankee, Prince Royce, Becky G, Yovanna Ventura, Ariadna Gutiérrez, and many more.

Everybody Loves Natti is produced in association with Monami Productions and Amazon Studios. The series creator, Mona Scott-Young, is the acclaimed producer of the hit Love & Hip Hop franchise. Mona is the series creator and executive producer, along with executive producers Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina.

On today’s episode of Contrast News, Natti Natasha chats with Alex Quin and Gigi Rivera about her new series and her life as a mom.

Watch this exclusive clip below from ‘Everybody Loves Natti’ on Amazon Prime.

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