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El Guru: The Man Behind Rapetón is Celebrating 10 Years

If you’re a fan of reggaeton you’ve most likely come across some type of content created by Rapetón. This publication is and has been a staple in the reggaeton movement for quite some time. It has grown to become a vehicle that helps Latinx artists make their voice heard.

On this cover of The Contrast Man we feature Angel M. Vera, founder and chief operator of “Rapetón”, as we celebrate 10 years of Rapetón with this Contrast exclusive.

Who is El Guru?

“I became El Guru when Artists started calling me for advice. I discovered I can spot real talent. Artists and the public started trusting my taste in music. So I decided to call myself El Guru. I do not consider myself as the guru of Reggaeton, or hip hop. I just feel the name “El Guru ” has a mystery.” says Angel.

Angel M Vera, professionally known as “El Guru” is a figure in Latin Urban Music industry. Angel is the founder and chief operator of urban Music publication “Rapetón”. Vera is also known for being the host of La Fórmula, on Apple Music Radio.

Angel tells us a story about a time he heard someone call an artist by their real name. He immediately saw the artist’s demeanor change. The artist’s face and posture shifted as if he had turned off that character. The person was speaking directly to him, not to his alter ego. Vera tells us that when artists change their name they are revealing they have an alter ego.

“That’s El Guru, an alter ego of Angel Vera. El guru is my serious personality, the leader, the mentor but Angel Vera is just a soft funny guy when around friends and family.” shares Angel.

Photography by Lotta Studios. Cover story by Alex Quin.

What inspired the look behind your Contrast Man Cover?
“When I was younger I always refused to watch “Gangster movies” at that time being a Gangster was dealing with drugs and illicit stuff. That was until I watched The Godfather’s opening scene with “Vito Corleone”. That’s when I realized being a Gangster is a lifestyle. The man that goes to work at any job just to provide for the family is a gangster in my eyes.

The Godfather is one of my favorite movies and that’s how I feel in this industry, a Godfather for the new generation.” says Angel. Vera’s experience and eye for rising talent show he has a lot to bring to the table. Ten years of challenges, hard work, and lessons learned through Rapetón have prepared Angel to take the next step in the world of entertainment.

Angel is a multifaceted individual in the entertainment and business space, one of his strengths is his vision as an A&R.

Photography by Lotta Studios. Cover story by Alex Quin.


Photography by Lotta Studios. Cover story by Alex Quin.

El Guru is known for creating content with world renowned artists like Bad Bunny, J Balvin,  Anuel, The Black Eyed Peas , Wisin y Yandel, Akon, and Ozuna to name a few. Billboard recently announced El Guru’s latest venture with Yandel on a new label called Rapeton approved.

What artists have you mentored or godfathered? 
Most artists are sensitive so if I say their names they will take it the wrong way, so I prefer not to say. But they know.

“El que sabe sabe como dice Tego”

What’s next for El Guru ? What’s next for Rapetón? Angel tells us he has a lot of projects in mind as he always wants to do something new. He gets bored easily hence why he is continuously creating.

“My goal is to sit down and have a talk with every person I admire. I want to be more involved in directing videos and movies, I also want to write a book. I want to travel more to explore, not just for work stuff.” says Vera.

How do you want to be remembered? “I would like to be remembered as a visionary, the person who saw a new generation when everybody was blinded by the same bullshit. I wanna be an example for everybody that comes from a caserio in Puerto Rico With patience and hard work you can achieve anything in life. Everything is hard but nothing is impossible.”

Mr.Vera’s publication is aimed at keeping the public informed on all things reggaeton. For more info visit, or catch Angel on Instagram @ElGuru.

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