3 Things To Expect from SNL This Weekend

Political figures are no strangers to hosting Saturday Night Live. Reverend Al Sharpton, John McCain, Al Gore are just a few who have graced the Studio 8H stage at NBC’s headquarters in the Comcast Building. Donald Trump, current GOP presidential candidate, will do the honor this weekend for the November 7th show where he will be joined by musical guest Sia Furler (commonly shortened to Sia).

Trump has been the subject of parody on SNL by Darrell Hammond and Taran Killam throughout the years. It should be interesting to see how Trump performs as the host this time around. Although his antics are often spontaneous, here are three things we can definitely expect from this weekend’s epsiode.

Lots of Hair

Donald Trump and Sia are both well-known for their iconic hairstyles. It will be interesting to see if Trump pokes fun at his hair in a sketch or if Sia rocks a new wig in her performances.


Theatrical Performances

Sia is expected to belt out her latest single “Alive” this weekend. Just today, the singer-songwriter released a martial-arts themed music video for the buzz track. This weekend will be Sia’s second time performing on the SNL stage within the last year. On the January 17th episode of SNL with host Kevin Hart, Sia performed “Elastic Hart” & “Chandelier” as the musical guest.

Offensive Comments

Throughout his campaign trail, Trump has offended many with his harsh statements about immigrants, women, Mexicans, & other marginalized groups. In the SNL 41 season premiere hosted by Miley Cyrus, cast members Taran Killam and Cecily Strong spoofed Donald Trump and his wife Melania in the cold open sketch, demonstrating how the mogul will often say outlandish comments just to “go up in the poll numbers.”

It would be surprising for the billionaire to leave the SNL stage without offending anyone, so keep an eye out for Trump to be his problematic self. Although NBC has severed ties with Trump over the last year, he was invited to host SNL for its 41st season. The official Twitter account for Saturday Night Live posted the following tweet, reminiscing about the first time that Trump had hosted the show.

Additionally, at a recent book signing, Donald Trump allegedly said that this is “going to be one of the highest-rated shows ever,” according to The New York Times. Tune into SNL this weekend at 11:30PM EST on NBC to see host Donald Trump & musical guest Sia.


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